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The healer within

The healer within

Why is prayer endowed with indefinable resources channeled through those who pray?

Because it unites the human creature with the Creator through high energy vibrations and this provides to those who pray the appropriate response to their requests.

The mind of God creates unceasingly and the human mind is the co-creator, preserving or destroying the cells of the physical organism and the delicate psychic elements.

Health, therefore, does not only depend on the karmic debts but also on the mental energies generated and sustained.

Every cell has its individual conscience which vibrates in tune with the conscience of the human being who is generating the energy which keeps it alive or creates unbalance.

Try to vibrate on the same wavelength of love and unrestricted confidence as God; pray and act correctly and you will be stimulating the healer within to preserve your health, allowing you to comply with the commitments of your current reincarnation.

Joanna de Ângelis (Spírit)

In “Desperte e Seja Feliz”

“Symphony of Lives”

Divaldo Franco

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